Monday, March 24, 2008

eClub Council on Legislation 2010 vote

Dear eClub members & Fellow Rotarians: Legislation must be approved at the 2010 Council on Legislation [COL] to make e-clubs a permanent part of Rotary International. My fellow eClub Charter Rotarians are creating a proposal to do just that.

We're requesting that our members, as well as the hundred's of other Rotarians who enjoy having the opportunity to take advantage of either belonging to an eClub, or to making up online, post their supportive comments here to help us as collaboratively firm up that proposal.

Thank you for your support. - Rotary eClub NY1 Charter President - Marlene

Note: We also have an FAQ page which includes Stats from the other eClubs around the Rotary world, demonstrating our value to Rotary through our Service Projects, our Membership growth, and our Foundation giving: