Monday, March 24, 2008

eClub Council on Legislation 2010 vote

Dear eClub members & Fellow Rotarians: Legislation must be approved at the 2010 Council on Legislation [COL] to make e-clubs a permanent part of Rotary International. My fellow eClub Charter Rotarians are creating a proposal to do just that.

We're requesting that our members, as well as the hundred's of other Rotarians who enjoy having the opportunity to take advantage of either belonging to an eClub, or to making up online, post their supportive comments here to help us as collaboratively firm up that proposal.

Thank you for your support. - Rotary eClub NY1 Charter President - Marlene

Note: We also have an FAQ page which includes Stats from the other eClubs around the Rotary world, demonstrating our value to Rotary through our Service Projects, our Membership growth, and our Foundation giving:


Axel Brodehl said...

There are so many reasons why Rotary needs eClubs and should even install more:

1st: eClubs are one tool to find new Rotarians.
Again and again very interesting individuals refuse invitations to Rotary for professional reasons: they e.g. cannot promise to be at the same place at the same weekday for lunch. It is sad to miss the opportunity to gain them as members.
=> eClubs offer them flexible presence requirements, so they can do make ups at their eClub and additionally join traditional club meetings at different times and places.

2nd: eClubs help keeping Rotarians.
There are many Rotarians who for professional reasons are not able to fulfil the presence requirements of traditional clubs any more.
=> Without eClubs, Rotary would loose a lot of very active Rotarians, of whom quite some have been former Presidents of traditional Rotary Clubs.

3rd: eClubs are international.
By the most common definition, "Rotary is an organization of business and professional persons united worldwide who provide humanitarian service, encourage high ethical standards in all vocations and help build goodwill and peace in the world."
And one of the four avenues of service is the International Service.
=> eClubs have members worldwide. eClubs live the internationality.

4th: eClubs are modern.
Today's world is different to the time when Paul Harris and his fellows found Rotary. The world changes, and so does Rotary.
The Rotary Constitution often has been changed within the last 103 years; we finally have female members; and so on.
=> And eClubs follow a new way of communication: As you can see at the eClub forums, the exchange of thoughts is far easier by using the internet than any other way of communication. People sit at home or at their office, charing their ideas. Without the internet, the only way of a worldwide exchange would be the international conventions. But they only take place once a year. And "only" about 30,000 Rotarians (out of about 1.2 million) take part each time.

eClubs and their members give their part to fulfil the Rotarian dreams and goals! Don't throw back Rotary by stopping eClubs!

Lapinha said...

(from João Penha-Lopes)
Axel published a comment worthy of Marlene's excellent idea.

I just add that, more and more, rotarians in different countries can help more to international projects that eventually involve other clubs from those countries.

Communication will be much more effective, as well as gathering potential sponsors to finance the projects.

E-Clubs are a must. Going back withing this new order of globalization technology should be out of the question.


Marlene B. Brown, Rotarian said...

Thanks for sharing the neat comments, Axel & Joao! - Marlene

Tom Taylor said...

I agree! The eClub is especially important for those who have professional commitments that don't allow them to make set, standard club meetings every week (thereby resulting in lower attendance records for both the club and the member). I have been a member of both a traditional club, and now the RotaryeClubNY1 and find I still have the same level of enthusiasm and participation in Rotary.


Marlene B. Brown, Rotarian said...

It's been interesting to answer the questions about eClub's from Rotarians in other countries during my travels as District Governor this year. There's a lot of interest world-wide in eClubs. I've submitted stats on what our eClub provides and does in hopes that, and our Blog comments, convince the 2010 Council on Legislation that eClubs should be converted from pilot projects begun in 2004 into permanent Rotary Clubs! - Marlene

Trisha said...

I love being able to make up using eclubs---for the past few weeks I have been traveling or ill and have not been able to attend my club--e clubs have been wonderful. I;ve taken advantage of clubs in London, Greece and the Southwest USA--it would be a shame to lose this wonderful tool.